Classroom Interpreting

Welcome to Classroom Interpreting for deaf and hard of hearing students!

This site is designed to help educational teams in K – 12 settings support deaf and hard of hearing students who use educational interpreters to access education and social interaction. Other service providers, such as speech pathologists, social workers, and deaf educators, may find useful information on this site.

Administrators, teachers, classroom interpreters, parents, and students who are deaf or hard of hearing will find valuable information within this site.


The fee schedule for all EIPA Assessments: 


Find valuable information about legal requirements, supervision, roles and responsibilities, hiring considerations, and state-of-the-art resources to support educational interpreting services.


Discover how classroom interpreters can affect and facilitate learning and language for deaf and hard of hearing students, the interpreter's role in the classroom and their responsibilities as a member of the educational team. Learn how teachers can support the educational interpreter.


Find information about the importance of the classroom interpreter to your child’s education, ways you can support your child, your child’s rights under the Individuals With Disability Act and No Child Left Behind, and resources to help your child succeed in the inclusive classroom setting


Learn about classroom interpreting and how it interacts with a student’s language and cognitive development, the role of the interpreter as a member of the educational team, the role of tutoring and other responsibilities that support a student’s learning, and continuing education opportunities for interpreters.

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment ®

Learn about this family of products for assessing the knowledge and skills of current and prospective educational interpreters.

EIPA Written Test and Knowledge Standards

This test assesses the interpreter’s understanding of information that is critical to working in an education setting.